How many pictures am I allowed to have in my photobook and do I pay extra the more I have?

The number of photos you can use is only limited by the size of the photobook you choose to buy. The price per photobook is the same whether you have one picture or 24 pictures per page and whether you have a picture on the front cover or not.


How long does it take to produce and send me my photobook?

Once we have received all your images and text it takes us 8 working days to create the finished book. At very busy times, eg, Christmas, it could take a few days longer so you make sure you order in plenty of time.


Do I need an internet connection?

Yes. Internet access is needed for downloading, updating the photobook software and to order your completed EasyPhotoBook. You also need an internet connection for the initial start-up of the photobook software.


Do I need an email account?

Yes. You’ll need an email account so that we can keep you informed about the status of your photobook order.


Is the photobook printed on gloss or matt paper and what’s the quality like?

Each page is digitally printed on gloss paper using top quality 250gsm paper.


Does the print degrade over time and will the images smudge if I touch them?

Your EasyPhotoBook is guaranteed to last for years, retaining image quality* and never smudging.

*The quality of the images in your finished photobook are only as good as the ones you provide us with so make sure you only include the best photographs.


Can I use any typeface for my text or captions?

With the EasyPhotoBook software, adding captions or text couldn’t be easier. You can even have your chosen text in any size or colour. To ensure that it is accurately reproduced during printing, the typefaces you use must be chosen from those supplied as standard with a Windows computer.

At the moment, it isn’t possible to use non-standard typefaces – particularly Cyrillic or Arabic fonts.

If you do want to use unusual typefaces we suggest that you convert them into images before adding them to your individual photobook.


How good do my photographs have to be?

If your pictures are from a digital camera, set it at high resolution to ensure that they are the best possible quality.

We will contact you if your images are unprintable but be aware that if they are just bad quality we will print them as we receive them.

If the pictures are low resolution, an on-screen warning will advise you of this when you are formatting your photobook. You can still choose to include the picture and it will be printed as provided.